It is our honour to present original products over 28 years Technotop is a reliable connection between UAE and Big international companies.

stablished our company in 1995 however we started our business 7 years before in lubricants, car accessories and industrial products.

We are a 28-year-old company with experienced and professional staff and we also have a group of engineers and a laboratory for automotive and industrial products.

It is our pleasure to provide our services in :

Import, export, production and consulting, design and setup oil and grease projects, car accessories, protectors, coverings, sprays, silicons, glues and tape in UAE and all over the world.

Motor oils:

Mineral & synthetic – Passenger cars – commercial vehicles – tractor oils


Automotive gear oils:

Mineral & synthetic – Mono grade & multi grade


Automatic transmission fluid:

mineral & synthetic Yellow & red


Brake fluid:

mineral & synthetic Dot 3 – Dot 4 – Dot 5/1


Antifreeze & coolant:

mineral & synthetic Ready to use 50/50 – concentrate-(red – blue – green – yellow – phosphoric)


Motor cycle oils:

mineral & synthetic


Car care:

wax & spear’s automotive clean & shine – Air fresher – hand cleaner – octane booster – fuel system cleaner – full system – cleaner & engine flush


Industrial oil:

mineral & synthetic – Hydraulic oil- gear oil- compressor oil – turbine oil – Trans’ oil



Calcium- lithium – lithium complex- polyuria


Special Grease & oils:

Silicon – anti seize – food grade – medical- chain oil – vacuum pump oil – refrigeration oil – Silicon oil


Industrial spray & special spray:

Zinc mat & bright – galvanizer – lubricant – coating- cleaners- grease spray


Other production:

industrial-Anaerobic- cyanoacrylate – polyurethane  sealant – Glue