The most important characteristics of suitable motor oil for the car
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Perhaps many of us, when going to motor oil stores, we are more influenced by the seller’s brand and price instead of focusing on the oils characteristics that is really needed for our car engine. However, by knowing the necessary information, you can have a better purchase. Stay with us to choose suitable motor oil!

2 important numbers

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The most important feature to choose the best engine oil is the viscosity index, which is written in the form of a standard titled SAE and xxW-yy. (xx and yy are numbers – instead of xx, multiplied by 5 is from zero to 20, and instead of yy is multiplied by 10 from 20 to 60).

In general, the number zero in this standard indicates the lowest amount of viscosity and represents the oil that flows easily, instead increasing the viscosity by moving to the number 60 and SAE 60 is an oil that indicats very high viscosity. The usage of the letter W in this standard indicates the minimum amount of viscosity in the winter that comes from the word Winter. The number before W indicates the viscosity of the oil in the cold, and the next number indicates its viscosity at engine operating temperature.

For example, in motor oil with a characteristic of 10W-40, the number 10 indicates the minimum viscosity of the engine oil in the coldest season of the year, and the number 40 indicates the maximum viscosity in the hot seasons and the high engine temperature. If we compare this product with another engine oil with a characteristic of 20W-50, the second engine oil is more viscous due to having 50 in the hot season and is stiffer than 10W-40 oil. Therefore, 20W-50 engine oil is suitable for warmer environments because the oil will not be too loose. Excessive loosening of the oil is an obstacle for its lubricating function.

On the other hand, 10W-40 engine oil will have a viscosity of 10 in the cold season; While this rate is 20 for the second oil, it shows that the 20W-50 oil hardens more in the cold than its counterpart. Further tightening means that as long as the engine is warm and the oil is running, the engine will probably run more friction, which will damage the car’s engine over time. Therefore, the second oil is more suitable for places that do not have very cold winters. in environments with severe cold, it is better to use 10W-40 engine oil.

An indicator that shows the quality of engine oil

an indicator called the API is usually written on the oil cans, which you can understand the quality of the engine oil. In this way, the English letter S and then one of the letters A to N (except for I and K) are inserted mainly in front of the API phrase. If the English was closer to the letter N, the quality of the engine oil is better. It can be said that the better the quality of the engine oil, the more stable and functional it is. Of course, in different countries, the function of the oil can be different.

In general, the engine oils that are available in the market, divided into three types in terms of manufacturing technology. The first category are the oils that have mineral base and are derived directly from crude oil. These oils are the cheapest type of engine oil on the market because they have no other additives. The other category of engine oils are full synthetic engine oils. This type of engine oil is produced by chemical compounds in laboratories. Due to their special chemical structure, these types of oils can be placed in very small parts of the engine and lubricated there, better than other types.

Full synthetic oils are the most expensive engine oils on the market. Also, their performance is higher due to their better quality. But the third category of oils are semi-synthetic engines that have some features and had quality of something between minerals and all-synthetic.

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